Tarot Card for the Month of September based on Your Sun Sign!

Hello all,

Each month I review a tarot and oracle deck for AskAstrology and select a card from the deck for each Sun sign. Find out which card was selected for your Sun Sign in the link below:


Also, read the deck review at: https://askastrology.com/tarot-deck-review-sacred-geometry-activations-oracle/

And, of course, consider getting a tarot/oracle card reading if you have a pressing concern, key decision, or just want to check in on your spiritual journey. I offer an Insight reading for $40 and an Intuitive Reading for $60.

The Insight Reading: A 10-card reading where you are directed to select 10 cards based on 10 questions that I will ask you while moving my hand over the cards, which are spread out in front of me, so that each card is one you pick.

The Intuitive Reading: A 10-card reading where you are directed to select 5 cards based on 5 questions that I will ask. Before we start, you will give me permission to select 5 cards. I will have the cards spread out in front of me and will move my hand over the cards waiting for you to tell me when to pick your card, then I will pick mine.

If you would like to make an appointment, you can do so here: https://www.blackunykorn.com/make-an-appointment/

Be well on your journey, and thank you for letting me be part of it.