I offer 5 distinct services in my practice. You can use them individually, or we can combine them. Astrology is the most complex and includes numerous solutions for different concerns, so you will see a list of specific services beyond just a core reading. All services can be modified in custom ways to fit your circumstances and desired outcomes.


Core Identity and Current Timing

This reading is the starting point of our work together. All other services build off this initial work. The session is 1 hour and includes a look at three different charts: your natal chart (core self), highest values (declination chart), and timing (progressions and transits). The timing chart allows me to look back and forward as many years as you wish to explore.
Fee: $150

Astrocartography (Location and Relocation Astrology)

This reading casts maps with astrological lines to indicate best places to live, visit, or vacation. Sessions range depending on the number of locations to consider, whether you provide me the locations in question, or if you want me to give you options in your current country or worldwide.
Fee: $1.50 per minute (so, 30 minutes = $45 | 60 minutes = $90)

Tarot/Oracle Card Readings

Insight Reading

A 10-card reading where you are directed to select 10 cards based on 10 questions that I will ask you.
Fee: $40

Intuitive Reading

A 10-card reading where are directed to select 5 cards based on 5 questions that I will ask. Before we start, you will give me permission to select 5 cards, which I will do card-by-card after you make your selection.
Fee: $60