Exciting Announcement! – New Service – Spiritual Communion Card Reading

Dear Friends and Clients,

I’m excited to share something deeply personal and meaningful with you all. For some time, I’ve quietly offered a special type of reading upon request: the Spirit Communion Reading. This reading allows me to use my clairsentient abilities to connect with the spirits of your loved ones or ancestors who have passed on, enabling them to deliver messages of love, guidance, and support directly to you.

After much reflection and guidance from spirit, I feel compelled to officially offer this service to all who may benefit from it. Each session involves a deep connection facilitated by 10 tarot or oracle cards carefully selected from one of the decks I own, serving as a conduit for the spirits to convey their messages.

I invite you to experience the heartfelt connections that can transcend time and space.

To book your Spirit Communion Reading visit my Make an Appointment page. To learn more about the reading, please visit https://www.blackunykorn.com/services/#communion.

With gratitude and blessings,