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I am taking in office appointments now that I am vaccinated.

Update: 7/14/2021

With the spread of the Delta variant and reports that it is capable of infecting vaccinated individuals, and the fact that I work out of my home, I will only see vaccinated individuals in person or travel to individuals who are vaccinated. I respect individuals choice not to vaccinate and will be happy to provide service at a distance over the phone or through Zoom.

I am also offering a new “travel to you” service. I will come to your location if you are with 40 miles of my zip code (27713). There is a travel fee of .50 per mile round trip (example: 10 miles to and from would be 20 miles round trip with a fee of $10; 30 miles to and from – 60 miles – would be $30).

Please know that in-person or distance readings are equally effective, but I do appreciate that you may still want the in-person experience.

Please use (XXX-XXX-XXXX) for US numbers and (Country Code + Number) for numbers outside the US.
If you do not know your time of birth, enter UNKNOWN. Time of birth can be determined using muscle testing. If you wish to try the process, enter MUSCLE TEST.
I am no longer seeing clients at my home address, but I will come to you.
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At least 1 selection is required to submit the form.