02/11/2022 – Latest Articles on Astrology, Tarot, Numerology, and Spirituality


With the Pluto return happening for the United States this year, I want to share a non-astrological article that nicely sums up the astrological effect the Pluto return is producing that other thinkers express (but not in astrology lingo). This article is from economist John Mauldin:

And, according to economist George Friedman, in his World Report: 2022, “For an uncertain amount of time, the culture of abundance will be gone, and with it the foundations of most modern, industrialized cultures. It will not be illness or death caused by COVID-19 that creates social and political bitterness but the unavailability of once plentiful goods and the loss of economic promise that that denotes. Fairly or not, governments will be blamed, and governments will be charged with making things right. Quick, efficient solutions will be difficult if not impossible to come by.”

Here are the articles I have written about this astrological event, which occurs once every 247 years!

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