Where is the Nearest Lifeboat?

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As you know, I am not a frequent blogger. Mostly I post once a month through my tarotscope, sharing a card pull for each sign of the Zodiac. This month and next there are some major astrological changes afoot that prompt even me to write about them. Beginning January 6 of this year, all major points (from Mercury to Pluto) went direct and will continue to be direct until March 5th and 6th when Mercury will go stationary, then retrograde, at the very end of Pisces, which means it will remain in Pisces until April 16, having entered on February 10, thus staying there for nine weeks and some change. The normal transit of Mercury through a sign, without retrograde movement, is less than three weeks! Pisces rules spirituality, the collective conscious, dreams, mystery, addictions, and delusions. Expect this to be a long period of soul-searching on one end of the spectrum and escapism on the other. The next major point to go retrograde will be Jupiter on April 11. Then we will begin to see an increasing number of the outer points enter their next retrograde phase. So, what does this mean?

At the global level and on the large scales (countries), we can expect changes to happen rapidly, whether it is the building up of an idea or institution or the tearing it down. Three of the outer points – Jupiter, Saturn, and Neptune – all happen to be moving through the sign they rule – Sagittarius, Capricorn, and Pisces, respectively. So, their energy is amplified. With Jupiter we will see amplified belief; with Saturn, amplified consequences; and with Neptune, amplified spiritual sensitivity. In the case of Jupiter, it will pass through Sagittarius in a year (ending in October of 2019); Saturn will complete its transition through Capricorn in 2020; but Neptune, which started in Pisces back in 2010, will not be done until 2026. It is just now past the half way point of its journey. On the largest scale and widest field, we are facing a struggle between democracy and oligarchy, with the consequences of past choices coming fully due in early 2020 when Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto all merge in Capricorn. Believe it or not, you are living in an age that will be as transformative as World War 2 or the Industrial Revolution.

Unfortunately, with global and personal debt at unprecedented highs and wealth largely concentrated in a small group, we are more likely to see a break down rather than a build-up. Economist John Mauldin calls the impending change, the Great Reset (https://www.mauldineconomics.com/editorial/the-great-reset-is-coming/johnmauldin and https://www.mauldineconomics.com/frontlinethoughts/the-great-reset-part-two). For more ominous reading, reflecting the United States Pluto return, a cycle that takes 247 years to complete, consider Chris Hedges’ book America, the Farewell Tour (here is a video interview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=moASDiENbfw). Using the US Sibley Chart, the Pluto return will begin in 2020 and end in 2022, but the impact will range over a much longer period starting back in 2016 and extending out until 2026. It really is not hyperbole to say that the America we know today is likely to be vastly different than the one that will exist in 2026.

Adding more dynamic energy to the mix will be the ingress of Chiron out of Pisces and into Aries on February 18. Chiron’s wounding and healing energy has been sharing its time with Neptune for the last eight years. If Chiron had a normal orbit, it would spend roughly four years and a few months in each sign; it returns to itself every 50 years. Therefore, all of us experience a Chiron return from 49 to 51. The journey of Chiron through Pisces is about the wounding and healing of faith, of belief in humanity, of delusion and truth. As it reaches the end of the journey, we see a nearly global attack on truth, facts, and reality and the persistence of truth, facts, and reality. As Chiron enters Aries, where it will be for eight plus years, we will experience the wound and healing around independence, pioneering, and the self. Interestingly, the US will have its 4th Chiron return in 2023 to 2025. The most recent one occurred between 1973 and 1975 and the one before that between 1923 and 1925.
We are not done yet. This year will also include the ingress of Uranus into Taurus on March 6th, bringing shock, insight, and wisdom (Uranus) to the real world (Taurus). Foundations will be shaken, even destroyed, to make room for new insight and new wisdom. The previous Uranus in Taurus transit occurred between 1935 and 1943, in the middle of the Great Depression and bulk of World War 2. Aries energy breaks the rules until there is a need for new rules. This next period of Uranus in Taurus will be the emergence of new rules, new structures, and new foundations. Will many of the Aries bursts make their way into the Taurus establishment; will I be able to buy groceries with bitcoin or get a driverless card a local car dealer ship? Will the cure for cancer finally arrive and become readily available through some kind of prescription? Or will these and other innovations not be part of this zeitgeist? What will?

If I may be so bold as to predict (for an indulgence), I do think that climate change will be the flat earth to round earth global or the earth is the center of the solar system to the sun is the center of the solar system event that will change behavior on every level worldwide. We may be able to cover up debt by monetizing it (printing more money) or just flat out ignoring until a collapse, then use the same thinking that put us in the collapse to try to get out of it (i.e., bailing out the banks that created the crisis rather than breaking them into smaller sizes and taking on the pain of devaluation of resources and greater restrictions on lending), but we will have a hard time ignoring rising sea levels that eventually make beach front property disappear and new beach front property miles and miles inland (https://ocean.si.edu/through-time/ancient-seas/sea-level-rise). Science is merely waiting for its models to show results that affect the common daily life on a regular enough basis to reshape that common daily life. Keep in mind that the recent polar vortex ground 1500 flights (https://www.cnbc.com/2019/01/31/record-cold-grounds-more-than-1500-flights-ups-usps-suspend-service.html) while 2018 was the 4th warmest year on record (https://www.climatecentral.org/gallery/graphics/the-10-hottest-global-years-on-record). Even if the world is naturally “on fire” as part of a warming cycle, it would be more helpful to pour water on it instead of gasoline (we really do not need to be accelerating the warming cycle).
But why is global warming and climate change not embraced; well rather obviously, it would mean making significant changes to human behavior that most people rather enjoy and do not want to give up; especially when they believe a moment of weather is the same thing as year-on-year end climate, which is much harder to easily and simply quantify than, “it’s 30 below in the northern Midwest, so global warming is hoax.” In other words, my reality around me extends around the entire planet.

Now much of what is happening will happen and the vast majority of us will be along for the ride. The question, it seems, is do we want to be on the prow of the ship or in the bowels when we hit iceberg or do we want to be near the life boats and thinking critically about how to live in the now and prepare for a future that will have some pretty amazing advances, even in social behavior, while also weathering the bill collection coming due on years and years of truly reckless behavior. Here is simple truth written about by Jared Dillon, who writes for the Mauldin group, “Debt allows you to enjoy a higher standard of living today, at the expense of having a lower standard of living tomorrow.” You can read the full article that includes this quote at: https://www.mauldineconomics.com/the-10th-man/debt-is-the-enemy-part-2. Additionally, there are minds that see the change as it is happening and one of the most articulate is Bob Lefsetz, who writes profusely about the music industry; here’s a sample of his insight about the gap between the rising generation and the leaving generation: https://lefsetz.com/wordpress/2019/02/10/the-grammy-ratings-will-tank/. He is describing Uranus in Taurus.

Of the recommended thinkers and their writings, I would say John Mauldin and Bob Lefsetz are mostly optimistic about the future; they see the big changes, know they will be hard, but believe the shift will result in a better world once the pain has passed. Chris Hedges is much more of a pessimist and he rather forthrightly acknowledges that his own seminary training comes from the Calvin tradition, which is one of austerity and seeing humans as innately hedonistic who, when left to their own devices and without some kind of comprehensive social and legal justice system, will run amok and eventually harm themselves and everyone else around them. I would put Jared Dillion more squarely in a realist camp, not trying to predict an outcome, but rather waiting to see which outcome will emerge by the chance of happenstance in the moment of crisis while trying to be prepared as possible, living frugally, debt-free, and (gasp!) even below your means (if you can achieve such a lifestyle).

Now, let’s bring this down to the personal level; what does being near a life boat look like? First and foremost, it means being debt free and actually owning your stuff. If you make a car payment or house payment, you do not own those items. If you stop making a payment outside forces will take them away from you because you are borrowing their use until you pay them off. But these debts make sense; one way or another you have to pay to live somewhere and have transportation to get somewhere. If you have a mortgage, you are paying a rent, just one that has the potential (not the guarantee) to earn equity over time, and with a successful sale of the property savings paid to you, at the same or higher value, than when you bought it. Credit card debt is essentially living beyond your means. A student loan is only worthwhile if the job you get from the education pays for the loan and your life, with room to grow. How does this fit into a blog about astrology; essentially astrology is suggesting the time line. How the ship hits the iceberg is really just a guess, but how likely, under current leadership and behavior of the passengers is it likely to happen; well, I think can be predicted with some range of accuracy, not through clairvoyance, but the accumulation of facts and postulates (http://newsfeed.time.com/2012/04/14/author-predicts-titanic-sinking-14-years-earlier/). I am placing my bets on 2020. Trust me when I say I would rather not see such a tragedy repeated, but human behavior and astrological indicators are converging towards that outcome.

Each of these transits is happening at the individual level, which is where it really concerns me and you, and me as a spiritual adviser to you or others who seek out my services. Jupiter is moving through the part of my chart involving my resources; this is a year for me to get the most of out my resources, gain from wise investment, including making improvements to my property, mainly to help my business and without incurring debt to get this done. I recently took down a play structure and opened up the back yard to more options for business work with clients outside. I re-purposed some of the material to add new steps my office entry. Saturn and Pluto are moving through the part of my chart that deals with communication and my goals for my work and my understanding of what is needed to succeed at what I do. I started this business in 2013 under the Pluto transit, which began in 2008. It grew nicely while Jupiter moved through Scorpio and my area of identity and while Saturn moved through Sagittarius and my personal resources (i.e., using my home as my office) between 2014 and 2016 when I really got traction out in the world for my business.

Chiron and Neptune have been working in area of life dealing with my creativity, my child, and life purpose. I had to overcome a complete mental and emotional breakdown (2009 to 2011) and am currently doing the healing work of my Chiron return (age 50 at the writing and soon to be 51). All along, I have consulted my chart and worked with colleagues to navigate this energy in the best possible way, and so far, when I step back and look at where I am and how I got here, things have turned out very well. I am extremely grateful, and so I see the value of the tools of astrology and tarot/oracle cards in my own life journey, which is why I offer them to you and others who find their way to me. All of us, I believe, chose to be here during this profound period of change, just as the souls chose the period of the Great Depression and World War 2. Maybe we get the world John Mauldin envisions or maybe the one Chris Hedges sees; we will certainly get something very different than what we currently have in the next 5 years.

My astrology helps me see what is coming, not in a fated way, but in a creative way. Your astrology does the same for you, which is why so many new people are finding their way to this tool and getting useful insights to help make life the best it can be under the circumstances we are all bound up in.