Before I became a full-time Spiritual Adviser using the tools of astrology and tarot cards, I was a professional educator at the University level. For almost 15 years I taught college level English classes at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro (1992 to 2002, 2004 to 2005), Professional Communication classes at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (2003 to 2004), and English classes at Wake Technical Community College (2010 to 2012). That teaching experience allows me to craft tutoring programs specifically geared to your level of interest in either astrology or tarot/oracle card reading.

If you would like to learn how to read astrology charts or tarot/oracle cards, either for your own personal development or potentially as a professional skill, one of the best ways to do so is by one-on-one instruction through a tutoring process. Both astrology and tarot are complex systems that are not easy to learn on your own despite numerous books out on the market suggesting that it’s “easy” or “for dummies.” Learning either or both systems is challenging, and requires a serious time and effort commitment. However, once you unlock the codes these tools can do amazing work in your life and be incredible assets for people who come to you for help once they discover you can help them with their charts or tarot cards.

My tutoring rate is $60 per hour and I can offer you a beginning six session program for $360 if you wish to pay as you go through the program or the same six sessions for $300 if you wish to pay for all sessions in the course at one time. Here is a testimonial from a student who recently completed the six session astrology program:

“Ever since I can remember I have been a lover of astrology It was not until recently I was able to take the plunge into a six week program with Teacher/Mentor/Master of Astrology , Philip Young . I can highly recommend Philip , his teaching style is amazing , enthusiastic, non-judgmental and fun , he lead me in all the right directions with all the necessary tools and at each session . His knowledge and understanding of Astrology and how he explains it makes it all seem so simple. It has been a real privilege to have learned and been taught from such an accomplished person. I think Astrology is an amazing life skill and Philip has given me the skills that I need to continue to grow and gain greater insight into this amazing world. Thank you so much!”

– Melissa S.

If you are interested in learning astrology, please follow this link for information about astrology tutoring.

If you are interested in learning tarot or oracle card reading, please follow this link for information about tarot/oracle card tutoring.