My past experience with astrology has been limited to my looking up Aries in the Sunday paper… then trying to decide if it actually sounds like me at all. My experience with Philip was such an eye opener! The depth of his knowledge and experience with astrology is amazing. I had two readings with Philip and both were fascinating and totally on target. In terms of what I already knew, he was remarkably accurate. He was also able to share some things I did not know. What he shared with me helped me make sense of everything that has happened in my life to this point and given me a lot of hope and positive expectation for the future. The reading was infinitely more detailed and technical than I had imagined and I was impressed with Philip’s expertise. On top of everything… it was totally fun! Philip has helped me realize a whole new understanding of the value of astrology.

Stephanie M.

Although I have always been interested in having an Astrology Reading done, I had not had theopportunity to do so until recently with Philip. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but when we spoke over the phone, I sensed he was a “seasoned professional”, which set me at ease.

My work with Philip exceeded my expectations and I was totally “blown away” by my
experience. He helped me address my current life changes and was beneficial to me not only professionally and personally but spiritually as well.

What I appreciated most about working with Philip was not only his knowledge of Astrology and Tarot, but his professionalism, his commitment, attention to detail and his straight forwardness.

I would recommend Philip to anyone interested in Astrology or Tarot card reading in order to gain insightfulness.

Carolyn S.

I first had a reading done by Philip when two close friends insisted that I have reading. I live in Virginia Beach, so jumping in a car to go have a reading wasn’t exactly in the cards! I was going through many different changes in my life, and I felt like I was in too much of a whirlwind to make heads or tails of what was going on in my life….annnnd I felt a little crazy. I contacted Philip through email and expected to maybe hear back from him within the week, but he was very quick to respond to me. When I talked to Philip, I wasn’t even sure which reading I wanted him to do! Through his guidance, I chose the “What the Bleep! is going on and how long will it last?” reading to see if he could help me make heads or tails of my life! Again, true to his nature, Philip quickly scheduled an appointment for me the next day, so I didn’t have to keep waiting to figure out if I was going to sink or swim in my life. If you contact Philip for a reading, that is not a coincidence!

My reading from Philip was totally worth every penny spent and had so much information! The readings are recorded and he gives you access to the readings so you can go back and listen. Philip is genius in astrology and yet, takes the time to explain all of the symbols, the houses, why you are experiencing what you are at any particular time and of course, at the time you contact him. I felt so comforted that I was not in fact crazy, but right in line with the chart! I learned that astrology can change, that the chart isn’t set in stone…what a relief that felt like. Through the guidance of the reading, I have been able to step into who I am and really LEARN who I am!

Misty T.

“I like to call Philip: The Thinking Man’s Astrologer. I’m an intellectual and an unlikely person to seek out astrology. Unless you understand how much goes into astrology, it can seem pretty woo-woo at first. However, after you have one chart done, you realize there is something deeper than you can see or imagine. It is wonderfully helpful to have a chart done and cut right to the chase of understanding why you have a certain challenge or why you are good at something else. With the proper chart, you can get insights which allow you to make quick decisions with clarity and confidence. Phillip is an exceptionally good teacher and very direct in his advice. Consequently, his readings are very economical when you think about the cost of the time you may spend figuring things out on your own!

I’d highly recommend a reading with Phillip and go with his suggestion about what reading would benefit you most. He’s highly intuitive and will always work toward helping you achieve a better, greater version of yourself. He delivers a high level of value for his fees and is easy and fun to work with.”

Maryellen Smith

“Working with Philip these past few years has been extremely helpful to me in so many ways. The first time I had met with him I was in a situation with my oldest child where I was in the midst of making a life changing decision regarding our parent/child relationship. Although I knew deep inside we needed a change, it was the hardest choice I ever had to make. After working with Philip on the issue, I got deep clarity about how the decision was in the best and highest good for both of our journeys and would free us from old unhealthy pattern. His words and guidance gave me the confidence I needed to move forward with the change. That was 4 years ago and our relationship is completely different, and healthy; we have a whole new respect for one another and he has grown into a man I am very proud of.

Since then I have gone to Philip with other struggles and important decisions. He has helped me with investment decisions,  business goals, and my relationships. Each time I go back and listen to our recordings I see how the guidance he has offered has been right on target.

My favorite thing about working with Philip is the fact that he is completely open and accepting. I feel like I can say anything to him and there is no judgment. I can really tell that he walks his talk and that is what makes him so brilliant at what he does.”

Kimarie M.

“We met with Phillip to have both our individual and couple charts read. We both come from scientific backgrounds….so we were astonished at how spot on he was when describing all aspects our lives-separately and together. Perhaps the most riveting point was when he pointed out a major event in each of our individual charts about two years ago-based on each of our Pluto’s crossing an important intersection. He was even able to provide details on the  impact of this particular crossing in the perspective of each of our life at that point of time.  It happened to be that this crossing of Pluto was the beginning of our intimate relationship. Unbeknown to Philip…he characterized this event exactly on the individual level as well as connecting the experience to our relationship. We look forward to connecting with Phillip as we grow with one another and before we decide any major life decisions.”

Marguerite R and Rhonda R.

“I come from a very scientific background and am skeptical unless proven otherwise. However, I do keep an open mind and feel Phillip has proven the value of his services and the information he presents. I like his style in that he is very direct and any question is welcomed. I have gone back and listened to his readings when things have changed dramatically or when I need some clarity and found it to be very useful. I highly recommend Phillip and his services and will continue to use them in the future.”

Julie B.

“I forget sometimes.  It is easy to do when you get caught up in the highs and lows of daily life.  And when I forget what the point of life is, I work with Philip.  He and his tools help me remember why I am here, what the big picture is, and what I’ve signed up for.  I’ve worked with Philip since 2003, and the insight he’s been able to give me in all the big decisions and major life changes has helped give them clarity and take away most the stress.  He makes the process of looking at yourself fun and insightful!”

Betsy Y.

“Philip was a great resource in helping me understand my astrological chart. I loved the experience, found it insightful and would totally recommend Philip for astrology and tarot card readings.”

Lysa S.

“I have been having astrology and tarot readings for decades, and Philip is indeed the BEST at his craft. His work touches deep down to the soul and isn’t for the faint-hearted, but for those dedicated to self-growth, self- love and a the desire to know oneself at the core of one’s being. Tarot readings are spot on as he connects heart to heart, soul to soul. His astrocartography and astrology readings have guided me through my journey from the east coast to the west coast and back again. Literally, I have grown spiritually in leaps and bounds. He is wise, spirit-based, compassionate and highly knowledgeable about his passions. A man of integrity. He is an angel of service at this time on Planet Earth. Thank you Philip, with all my heart.”

Christina T.

“An astrological reading with Philip is truly a unique and enlightening experience.  His skill and expertise in combining the information from all aspects of an individual’s chart is quite incredible.  A reading with Philip encompasses not only the standard sun, moon, and rising signs; but also detailed information about the alignment of planets in a chart, as well as all the nuanced influences of the astrological houses.  Philip is a true professional within his field, and his insight into my astrological world was absolutely priceless during a time when I needed it most.”

Jennifer S.

“Being Indian I was familiar with Vedic Astrology but wanted to explore Western Astrology also and so I went to Philip to see how things work in Western Astrology. It was very different to what I have encountered in India. He works mostly on energy fields in the chart and does not go into prediction but rather tells the probable paths which might I can follow to help me grow in Career or in life. The most helpful thing about Philip’s consultation is the fact that he also gives very practical suggestions along with astrology consultation.I found his advices quite helpful and that is something I have never found in the astrologers in India.His attitude has been always very helpful and his willingness to help people through his work clearly shows.”

Anik B.

“Thank you for the recent collaboration in choosing an ACL reconstruction surgery date for my daughter, based on her astrological “credentials”.  Everything worked out smoothly – scheduling, traveling to the hospital, and the surgery were effortless.  The entire staff in the hospital, from receptionists to doctors, were smiling and happy to assist us in any way.  We had no waiting time anywhere (scheduling a surgery usually takes weeks).  Surprisingly to the anesthesiologist’s staff, Karolina did not have the usual pain, experienced from the majority of patients post surgery.   She did not have to take her prescribed pain medication!  Now we are in physical therapy and in 3 sessions Karolina’s range of motion (ROM) in the knee went from 97° – to 107° – to 128°! (her other knee ROM is 150°).  In all fronts, recovery is better than the predicted prognosis.  I believe it will go that way all along.  Thank you for giving us the “heads up” for possible complications on the dates of late June.  I am so pleased with your service of astrology readings and how you interpret them to us into very practical and concrete advice.  It was such a relief to collaborate with you.  I wish astrology readings were a standard procedure in the entire heath care system!  Once again, Philip, thank you very much!”

Plamen K.

“What I liked about Philip’s approach is that he approaches astrology from an academic point of view. He explained everything matter-of-factually, and accepted that I had some skepticism. He encouraged me to ask any questions to clarify what he was telling me. He also didn’t withhold the difficult aspects of my chart. I experienced a difficult and painful childhood, and what he told me helped me make sense of it in a way that years of psychoanalysis couldn’t. Philip has a gift for making sense of the intricate aspects of an astrological chart. I had an insight into my life like I hadn’t ever before. He focused his reading on my specific questions. What he provides is a window into undiscovered parts of my Self, blind spots that I could see and understand for the first time. I now have a valuable way to develop a better relationship with myself. I will not make another important life decision without consulting him first.”

Nancy K.