Services – What the Bleep! is Going On!

And how long will it last?!  This reading looks at your recent past (2 to 5 years back), current year, and near future (2 to 5 years ahead).  Commonly people get their first reading when they are dealing with a very difficult situation in their lives and they want to explore an alternative way to look at the situation or dig into the problem.  Often a very powerful theme emerges, especially if the person is 27 to 31, 36 to 42, 49 to 51, and 58 to 60.  If you are not currently in one of these common transition periods, then most likely you have a strong theme active because of certain pressures uniquely impacting the matrix of your birth chart.  This reading is designed to focus on the essential spiritual and practical issues in your life that you need to be aware of and address.

Fee: $120