Gift Ideas

Philip Young, PhD Tarot Reader

Philip Young, PhD
Tarot Reader

Want to give a truly unique gift for the next birthday of a friend, family member, or significant other? How about the next wedding, baby shower, or holiday? Stand out from everyone else and give the gift of astrology and/or tarot. Not only will the person get an experience (in person or over the phone), they will also get a tangible gift in the form of a web page with downloadable images of their chart and tarot cards from their reading.

Have a party or event you are planning and you want to give the guests a special experience?  Have me come read tarot cards for your event. Large event (50+) or small (5 to 10), for $100 an hour I can provide readings that will be a fun experience for the attendees and generate engaging conversations for everyone present. Tarot readings are the ultimate icebreaker. Once one person gets a reading, everyone will want to find out about the experience and get one as well.

Visit my Services and Fees page to see the variety of readings you can choose from.  Visit my Gift Certificates page to purchase the reading you want to give. If you want a custom gift, just contact me and tell me what you want and I will create a custom gift certificate for you.