Tarot of the Human Experience (2016)

by Philip Young, PhD and Sasha Campbell

Tarot of the Human Experience by Philip Young, PhD and Sasha Campbell

Tarot of the Human Experience by Philip Young, PhD and Sasha Campbell

I am the co-creator of The Tarot of the Human Experience. Along with photographer and graphic designer, Sasha Campbell, we asked and answered the following question: “What would a tarot deck look like if, first and foremost, it was designed to be a spiritual and psychological tool, not a card game?” The Tarot of the Human Experience uses modern black and white photography to capture archetypal situations that are common to our human experience. This deck is a modern conceptualization centered on the core elements of classic tarot design: 22 major themes of human life (e.g., The Fool’s Journey), 4 suits related to the 4 elements, and 16 aspects of personality found in the court cards of the minor arcana). The deck is visually accessible and ready to pick up and use for those new to tarot. It is also designed with a scholarly underpinning that can engage professional counselors and people interested in complex systems of thought. See sample images of the cards!

This deck breaks with a number of traditions that are common to most modern tarot decks. It is not a Rider-Waite, Golden Dawn, or Thoth tarot “knock off”; most decks published today mimic these older decks, mostly with changes in art and some modern modifications to the originating themes. This deck is revolutionary. Old themes and rigid adherence to tarot tradition keep tarot cards out of mainstream use. This deck has the potential to push tarot into the mainstream by using modern black and white photography and through the purposeful rejection of limiting and charged references (e.g., pentacles, swords, queens, kings, Hierophant, Tower) for more common and accessible ones (e.g., practical life, creativity; life professions: the Engineer, the Farmer; and deep common themes we all experience: Sharing Knowledge with Others, Sudden/Unexpected/Dramatic Change). Except for the 78 card structure (4 suits, 22 trumps) the deck is a new vision for the tarot.

The Tarot of the Human Experience has 98 cards, instead of the traditional 78. The 20 extra cards are reversed meanings for cards numbered 6 to 10 of the minor arcana suits. For example, the 9 of Water is named Accepting and the 9 of Water reversed is named Rejecting). The Tarot of the Human Experience is printed on card stock that is equivalent to playing cards. Each card measures 2 3/4 inches by 4 1/4 inches, which makes the deck very easy to shuffle and hold.

Astrology Unlocked (2013)

by Philip Young, PhD

Astrology Unlocked by Philip Young, PhD

Astrology Unlocked
Philip Young, PhD

I am the author of Astrology Unlocked, a book designed for both professional astrologers and serious students interested in learning astrology. Written to introduce readers to the complexity and elegance of astrology as a tool for discovering your identity, appreciating your values, improving communication, understanding family dynamics, expressing your creativity, maximizing your skills, connecting successfully with others, finding and sustaining love and intimacy, pursuing your area of expertise, charting your career path, recognizing and participating in your community, and growing into and evolving your spiritual life purpose, this book sets out to accomplish three tasks: 1) take readers deeper into the interpretation process than most beginner books by providing a formula for and examples of over 1,700 specific energy combinations, 2) treating the subject matter as significant and important as medicine, engineering, business, physics, law, or any other profession that requires years and years of dedicated study and practice, and 3) offering a reading strategy that will allow readers of this book and any other books on astrology to quickly enjoy their first foray into the subject. Purposeful repetition of ideas, personal stories from the author, and a worksheet process all work together to show you the remarkable power and usefulness of astrology and what it takes to start down the path to unlocking its secrets for your benefit and the benefit of those people who are important in your life.

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