Astrology and Relationship: What is your Relating Design?

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The first question we all try to answer is, “Who am I?” The second question is “Who am I in relation to someone else?” Astrology can help you answer both of these questions, and most people seek me out to help them see what their astrology has to offer them in answer to these two questions. There is a good chance, at some point, if you have looked into astrology as a way to understand yourself and who you could best relate to you that you have heard something like, “if you are a Leo, stay away from Scorpio or Pisces and Cancer can really share emotions”. It’s true that astrology can help you understand attraction, frustration, empathy, lust, love, and so many other things about yourself and your interaction with another, but to get the full value of the tool, you need a lot more than just your Sun sign. If fact, your starting point should really be your Moon sign, which is the point that shows how you prefer to give and receive love and emotional intimacy. Unfortunately most people do not know their Moon sign the way they know their Sun sign, largely because the Moon moves through a sign in a day and half while the Sun moves through a sign over a month. Even if you know your Sun and Moon, you are still far more complex than these two points; there is also Mercury for communication, Venus for relating, Mars for passion, Jupiter for beliefs, Saturn for structure, and so on. Each point add beyond your Sun sign increases your understanding of yourself and how you relate to others.

The difference between Sun sign astrology and a professionally rendered and interpreted birth chart is like the difference between a single gear bicycle and the mechanics of the space shuttle. With that difference in mind I decided to work on a relationship assessment report for clients that is based on your unique chart design. This report is custom crafted, not “canned”, for the individual in question, you! The report is about 5 to 6 pages long and looks at 18 points in the chart to get to the core design of your relationship make up. Some of what you read will feel comforting and confirming, some may actually challenge you (until you look at the actual behavior and outcomes in your relationship history). I often say that astrology is not politically correct, meaning that some charts indicate a relationship design for “bread winning” in, say, a woman’s chart, and “child-reading” in a man’s chart. You may not be designed for monogamy or for “playing around”. You may be designed to speak out, think critically, or be submissive (in privacy while being aggressive publicly or vice versa). Often you are a complex mix. And the more you understand your astrological design, the better and more honest you can be, with yourself and in relationship with others, be it a friendship, a family member, or a romance.

Here are links to two sample reports; one for a man and one for a woman. The document for each shows the chart layout that is used to write the report. Points are interpreted by their position in the chart and their specific energized connections with other points (the “circuit board” that you see in the middle of the chart).

Woman’s relationship assessment report

Man’s relationship assessment report

Your report can be purchased one of two ways. You can order just the written report for $100 or you can order the written report plus a 30 minute consultation (in person or over the phone) for $150. To order a report, please visit my Make an Appointment page.